Financing for projects designed as postdoctoral fellowships, carried out by young doctors (postdocs) returning to scientific research after a break.

  • 02.02.2017: Please note that the templates for personal scholarship agreements will be amended. More information here.
  • 30.01.2017: Please note! Competition Documentation no 1/2016 and 2/2016, the POWROTY Programme, has been amended on the January 30, 2017. More information here.


Programme description


The aim of the POWROTY/REINTEGRATION programme is to improve the human potential in the R&D sector by financing innovative projects designed as postdoctoral fellowships, carried out by young doctors (postdocs) from all over the world (regardless of nationality), returning to scientific research after a break in R&D work, at research units or companies in Poland, working in the most innovative areas, with the involvement of a scientific partner, i.e. local or foreign research partner.



Eligible applicants are those young doctors (regardless of nationality) who have had a doctoral degree for not longer than 5 years, where the start of this period is defined by the year of obtaining the degree and the end – by the year preceding the deadline for submitting applications in the competition. The 5-year period may be extended to a maximum of 9 years from obtaining the degree, on the terms set down in the competition documentation.

At the same time, the applicant has to fulfil all of the following conditions:

  • has to be returning to scientific research after a break lasting at least 9 months, in particular caused by working in other sectors of the economy or in the R&D sector but without taking part in research (e.g. science and technology brokerage, administration, management), or after a break connected with parenthood;
  • is intending to undertake a scientific research no later than on the project’s starting date, or having started scientific research no earlier than in the year preceding the deadline for submitting applications in the competition.

For the duration of the project, the project manager (principal investigator; PI) shall be employed at the unit, with a commitment of at least 60% of a full-time employment for the purposes of project realisation.


Projects lasting up to 24 months will be financed under the programme. The project budget is recommended not to exceed PLN 800,000.

Financing under the POWROTY/REINTEGRATION programme will be provided to projects whose subject matter is listed on the National Smart Specialization (NSS; PL – KIS) list; in exceptional cases, while giving preference to NSS areas, the Foundation may agree to finance projects involving topics not on the NSS list if they show significant application potential or importance for solving a major socioeconomic problem.

Projects under the programme can be implemented in one of two options:

  • by research units to the extent to which they do not conduct economic activity (without granting state aid),
  • by enterprises (pursuant to the principles of granting state aid for R&D activity).

In the POWROTY/REINTEGRATION programme, the participation of at least one scientific partner from Poland or another country is mandatory.



Applications submitted in the competition will be subject to a formal and merit-based evaluation. After receiving a positive formal evaluation, applications will undergo a three-stage merit-based evaluation:

In stage one, the merits of the applications will be evaluated by a group of experts (a scientific and economic panel, or SEP) having proper scientific achievements or experience in implementing innovative solutions in the R&D sector.

In stage two, the applications will be evaluated by at least two third-party reviewers.

In stage three, the applicants who qualify will be invited to an interview with an interdisciplinary panel of experts (IPE). The panel will include experts representing different fields of science and, optionally, an expert in the role of an observer.

The panel of experts will then compare the applications and draw up a ranking list as well as evaluating them on the basis of the criteria set down in the competition documentation.

The terms of participation are the same for all applicants and are described in detail in the programme’s competition documentation.

Application deadline

From: 1 August, application deadline: 2 October 2017

Upcoming calls for proposals

From the beginning of January 2018, application deadline: 5 March 2018

Files to download

Competition documentation

[ POWROTY_REINTEGRATION_Programme_Competition_Documentation_3_2017 - 792 KB ]

Templates of appendices for applicants under state aid

[ 0_Cost-eligibility-guide_state_aid-5 - 363 KB ] [ 1_Catalogue-of-eligible-costs-_state_aid-5 - 155 KB ] [ 2_Catalogue-of-non-eligible-costs_state_aid-5 - 106 KB ] [ Catalogue of criteria for selecting beneficiaries in Powroty Programme - 238 KB ] [ Form_containing_information_presented_when_applying_for_aid - 88 KB ] [ Lab_equipment_POWROTY_REINTEGRATION - 4 MB ] [ Project_Indicators_POWROTY_REINTEGRATION - 4 MB ] [ Project_Schedule_POWROTY_REINTEGRATION - 4 MB ] [ Statement of the project manager_POWROTY_REINTEGRATION - 659 KB ] [ Statement of the unit_enterprise_POWROTY_REINTEGRATION - 677 KB ]

Templates of appendices for applicants without state aid

[ 0_Cost-eligibility-guide_without_state_aid-4 - 313 KB ] [ 1_Catalogue-of-eligible-costs-_without_state_aid-4 - 165 KB ] [ 2_Catalogue-of-non-eligible-costs_without_state_aid-4 - 101 KB ] [ Catalogue of criteria for selecting beneficiaries in Powroty Programme - 238 KB ] [ Lab_equipment_POWROTY_REINTEGRATION - 4 MB ] [ Project_Indicators_POWROTY_REINTEGRATION - 4 MB ] [ Project_Schedule_POWROTY_REINTEGRATION - 4 MB ] [ Statement of the project manager_POWROTY_REINTEGRATION - 428 KB ] [ Statement of the unit_research unit_POWROTY_REINTEGRATION - 684 KB ]

Grant agreement templates and appendices

[ Model grant agreement_state aid - 315 KB ] [ Model grant agreement_without state aid - 338 KB ]

Additional materials for applicants

[ Reviewers_form_POWROTY_REINTEGRATION - 550 KB ] [ List of the National Smart Specialisation_NSS_20160712 - 573 KB ]

Templates of scholarship agrement

[ Templates of scholarship agreement_POWROTY PO IRdoc - 4 MB ]

Joanna Rutkowska, PhD

Programme Officer

tel.: +48 22 845 95 33, +48 604 128 095  

Additional info

Projects to be carried out under the POWROTY/REINTEGRATION programme should involve research that will contribute to solving current or arising scientific problems that are relevant for the developing global market or will make a significant contribution to solving important challenges faced by society today.

A project may also involve R&D work on a new product or production process (technological or manufacturing) of significant importance for the economy, based on an identified product, technology or buyers’ market for the given product or technology.

Support under the programme should enable researchers at the start of their scientific careers, particularly young postdocs, to gain experience in conducting R&D work of significant importance for the economy and society.

As part of the project, the project manager (PI) may employ additional staff to carry out the R&D work, to be chosen in open competitions, in particular students or PhD students.

As regards remuneration (based on an employment contract), the total costs of remuneration together with non-payroll labour costs are eligible costs. The suggested remuneration under the programme for working full-time on the project is as follows:

  • Project manager – up to PLN 17,500/month
  • PhD student – up to PLN 8,000/month
  • Student – up to PLN 4,000/month

Students and PhD students may become team members based on an employment contract or a stipend. The suggested stipend amounts should be within the following ranges:

  • for PhD students PLN 3,500–4,500/month
  • for students PLN 1,500–2,500/month

The project manager (PI) is obligated to ensure any PhD students taking part in the project adequate scientific supervision and to guarantee them mentoring from a second scientific supervisor. As far as possible, the mentor should be an employee of a foreign partner institution, a domestic partner institution or a unit other than the applicant’s place of employment – a research unit or a company conducting R&D work.

The programme is co-financed with the support of the Smart Growth Operational Programme (PO IR).




[ PL_EN_umowa-o-stypendium-naukowe_POWROTY_PO-IR_z-pomoca-6.10-1 - 391 KB ] [ List-of-the-National-Smart-Specialisation_NSSPL_KIS_V2.20151203-3-5 - 675 KB ] [ 1st-competition_list-of-the-national-smart-specialisation_nsspl_kis_v2-20151203-3 - 675 KB ] [ 1st-competition_powroty_reviewers_form - 204 KB ] [ 1st-competition_form_containing_information_presented_when_applying_for_aid-6 - 130 KB ] [ 1st-competition_lab_equipment_powroty_reintegration - 130 KB ] [ 1st-competition_project_indicators_powroty_reintegration - 132 KB ] [ 1st-competition_project_schedule_powroty_reintegration - 132 KB ] [ 1st-comp_template-of-the-grant-agreement-for-powroty-reintegration-grantees-under-state-aid_competition-1-2016_dated-7-0 - 346 KB ] [ 1st-comp_template-of-the-grant-agreement-for-powroty-reintegration-grantees-without-state-aid_competition-1-2016_dated-7 - 331 KB ] [ 1st-competition_powroty_reintegration_programme_competition_documentation_1_2016 - 2 MB ] [ 2nd_competition_POWROTY REINTEGRATION_Programme_Competition_Documentation_2_2016 - 624 KB ] [ 2nd_competion_additional_information - 12 KB ] [ 2nd_competition_0_Cost eligibility guide_without_state_aid - 313 KB ] [ 2nd_competition_1_Catalogue of eligible costs _without_state_aid - 165 KB ] [ 2nd_competition_2_Catalogue of non-eligible costs_without_state_aid - 101 KB ] [ 2nd_competition_3_Manner of incurring expenditures_without_state_aid - 183 KB ] [ 2_nd_competition_0_Cost eligibility guide_state_aid - 363 KB ] [ 2nd_competition_1_Catalogue of eligible costs _state_aid - 155 KB ] [ 2nd_competiton_2_Catalogue of non-eligible costs_state_aid - 106 KB ] [ 2nd_competition_3_Manner of incurring expenditures_state_aid - 184 KB ] [ 2nd_competition_Powroty_Reviewers_form_ - 214 KB ] [ 2nd_competition_Statement-of-the-project-manager_POWROTY_REINTEGRATION - 428 KB ] [ 2nd_competition_Statement-of-the-unit_research-unit_POWROTY_REINTEGRATION - 433 KB ]