The FNP Prize

Individual prize for eminent researchers for their outstanding achievements or discoveries. Regarded as the most prestigious of its kind in Poland


The FNP Prize is awarded since 1992. The prize honours renowned scientists for significant advancements and scientific discoveries which shift cognitive boundaries and open new perspectives for research, provide an exceptional contribution towards the advancement of our nation’s progress and culture as well as assure Poland a significant position for undertaking the most ambitious challenges of the modern world. Subject of the Prize may include clearly defined and confirmed scientific achievements which have in the recent period opened new perspectives for further research.

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Programme description

Candidates submitted for the Prize should be Polish scientists working in Poland or outside its borders, provided they maintain vivid and ongoing scientific contacts with Poland, documented by joint research and publications. Participants submitted to the contest may also include foreign scientists working in Poland, provided their achievement has been realized within the territory of the Republic of Poland as well as foreigners dealing with matters pertaining to Poland. 
The Prizes awarded in 2013 equal PLN 200 000 (gross). 
The Prize is, since 2011, awarded in four categories including: 
  • Life Sciences,
  • Chemical and Material Sciences, 
  • Mathematics, Physics and Engineering Sciences,
  • Humanities and Social Sciences.
The Prize is awarded by the Foundation’s Council.
Candidates for the FNP Prize may be submitted by outstanding representatives from the field of science, invited in name by the Foundation’s Board and Council.
Contest procedure is divided into two stages. 
  • The first stage includes submission of candidates for the Prize by renowned representatives of the scientific community selected by name by the Foundation’s Board and Council. The entry form must identify clearly the scope and significance of the candidate’s achievement for the Prize and the field to which they are to be assigned.  
  • As part of the contest’s second stage, the Foundation Board designates experts who evaluate the applications in terms of content (taking into account, quality, originality and significance of the candidate’s scientific achievements within the given field) as well as independent reviewers, who perform a comparative evaluation of the candidates’ achievement (as part of each of the four areas of science). The role of experts and reviewers are fulfilled by renowned Polish and foreign scientists, specialists within the given areas and disciplines. The Foundation’s Council undertakes the decision on selecting the Prize laureates on the basis of the above mentioned experts.
Application deadline
Nomination procedure - indvidual applications not accepted.
Nominations' deadline- 22nd January 2014.

Tomasz Poprawka, PhD

Deputy Director of the Programme Division

tel.: 22 845 95 42