Sabbatical Fellowships for MASTER/MISTRZ winners

Sabbatical fellowships for winners of the MASTER/MISTRZ programme (formerly known as Professorial Grants) who have completed implementation of their grant.


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Programme description


Supporting distinguished scholars by enabling them to take a sabbatical leave to conduct research at recognised foreign research institutions.


Winners of the MASTER/MISTRZ programme who:

  • Have completed implementation of their project in the MASTER/MISTRZ and whose final report has been approved by the Foundation, and
  • Are employees of a Polish research unit.

The amount of the fellowship is up to EUR 5,500 per month, awarded for a period of 3 to 6 months.



A competition for sabbatical fellowships is held once per year.

Up to 3 fellowships may be awarded in each competition. A sabbatical fellowship may be received only once. Implementation must begin within 9 months after it is awarded.

Call closing date
Application deadline

25 April 2017

Krystyna Frak

Krystyna Frąk

Senior Programme Officer

tel.: +48 22 845 95 11