A new International Research Agendas competition launched

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Today, on 23 July, the Foundation for Polish Science has announced a new competition within the International Research Agendas (IRAP) programme. Competition number 12/2018 welcomes applications from outstanding scientists from all over the world who are interested in implementing an IRAP project at a research unit located in Poland, outside the Mazowieckie province. The total funding available within the programme amounts to PLN 70 million. The deadline for the first and the second part of the IRAP PWM application is 14 September, 2018.

The International Research Agendas programme has been offered by the FNP since November, 2015 and is co-funded from the EU?s Smart Growth Operational Programme. The scheme aims to enable the creation of specialised, world-leading scientific units in Poland that will follow best global practices in terms of identifying research topics, managing the research process, HR policy and the commercialisation of scientific results.

The Foundation welcomes applications by exceptional scientists willing to lead the project and manage the entire IRAP unit during its first years of operation. Collaboration with a research institution from abroad renowned for its work in a relevant scientific field is a necessary condition to apply. Each winning project will obtain support necessary to carry out its scientific agenda, with a suggested grant total of PLN 35 million for the duration of 5 years, which can be extended. The grants are awarded through a competition process. Each application undergoes a three-stage merit-based assessment carried out by international reviewers and two panels of experts: scientific/economic and interdisciplinary.

Please see also:

  • Guidebook for applicants and programme website,  where you can find a detailed description of the scheme, the terms and conditions of the programme, the application procedure, as well as the official competition documentation.
  • Video materials from informational meetings and webinars concerning the IRAP scheme.

To obtain additional information about the competition for IRAP units outside the Mazowieckie province, please call the programme coordinator, Katarzyna Wybrańska, PhD at 22 845 95 47; email: katarzyna.wybranska@fnp.org.pl

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