Two new books in the MONOGRAPHS Programme

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We are pleased to announce that the FNP Publications Board, in its role as competition jury for the MONOGRAPHS programme, has selected two new books to be published in the FNP Monographs series:

  1. Tora dla narodów świata. Prawa noachickie w ujęciu Majmonidesa (Torah for the World?s Nations. The Noahide Laws according to Maimonides), by Dr Piotr Majdanik of the Jagiellonian University
  2. Możliwość makrohistorii: Braudel, Wallerstein, Deleuze (The Possibility of Macrohistory: Braudel, Wallerstein, Deleuze), by Dr Jan Swianiewicz of the University of Warsaw

Furthermore, the Board has awarded funding for translation into English of four books published in the FNP Monographs series:

1. Podmiot poznania a nauka (The Subject of Cognition and Science), by Prof. Małgorzata Czarnocka of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences

2. Heurystyka filozoficzna (Philosophical Heuristics), by Prof. Jan Hartman of the Jagiellonian University

3. Anatomia rewolucji narodowej (Boliwia w XX wieku) (Anatomy of a National Revolution (Bolivia in the 20th Century), by Prof. Marcin Kula of the University of Warsaw

4. Język modernizmu. Prolegomena historycznoliterackie (The Language of Modernism. Prolegomena of Literary History), by Prof. Ryszard Nycz of the Jagiellonian University


The English editions of all the above titles will appear under the imprint of Peter Lang Academic Publishers.


Publications to be considered in the competition by the Publications Board at its next sitting should be nominated by 13 June 2014.