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Scientists from Ukraine need support to continue their scientific work. In March 2022, the Foundation for Polish Science launched a programme which seeks to finance up to six projects realized jointly by Polish and Ukrainian scientists. Moreover, the Foundation conducts a fundraising campaign with the aim to increase the number of scientists and students from Ukraine involved in scientific projects.

Join the fundraising!

Financial support for scientists from Ukraine can be transferred via a specially prepared website pomocukrainie.fnp.org.pl.

?We launched a fundraising campaign that will allow us to increase the number of Ukrainian scientists involved in the implementation of the projects we fund. This is important! The funds raised will be used entirely to support the Ukrainian scientific community, namely to finance stipends or employment for people who were students or scientists at research institutions in Ukraine before the Russian aggression against Ukraine, regardless of the country in which they now reside. We will not use the funds donated by the donors to support Polish scientists who participate in the FOR UKRAINE Program; this part of the programme will be financed solely from FNP?s own resources. We invite you to engage in our action. Let us join in supporting Ukrainian scientists and their research for the benefit of our shared values,? says Professor Maciej Żylicz, President of the Board of the FNP.

The Foundation for Polish Science has been supporting scientists and research teams for over 30 years. Among the FNP?s beneficiaries are also scientists of Ukrainian origin. Yaryna Khmara, a winner of the FNP START programme who conducts research in Poland, describes the experience of war in the following way:

?I admit that it is very difficult to think about science now, even for me, someone in a safe country who did not lose her job because of the occupation or because her workplace ? university or research institute ? was destroyed. The whole world has already seen pictures of the destroyed Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology? Many Ukrainian scientists have joined the ranks of the Territorial Defense to defend their home and country. But it is necessary to think about science. After all, it is science, among other things, that moves this world forward, stands up for humanism, and makes the world, the environment in which we live, and our very lives better. And above all ? safer. And we in Ukraine will need this very much. We will have to rebuild our country after the war, we will have to face many challenges. But for now, we must persevere.?

Fundraising Platform

The fundraising campaign seeks both individual and institutional donors. The campaign is conducted through the website pomocukrainie.fnp.org.pl. The funds raised will be used to increase the number of researchers from Ukraine involved in the FOR UKRAINE – Programme for Scientists from Ukraine Cooperating with Scientists from Poland.

The website pomocukrainie.fnp.org.pl provides a form that allows making online transfers, along with data necessary for a traditional transfer. One may also use the PayPal system to transfer funds. Moreover, donors may provide long-term support to Ukrainian researchers by establishing a standing payment order in their bank.

Business and Institutions

Furthermore, the FOR UKRAINE Programme provides opportunities to create partnerships with the Foundation for Polish Science so as to improve the situation of Ukrainian researchers or implement their scientific projects.

FOR UKRAINE – Programme for Scientists from Ukraine Cooperating with Scientists from Poland

The FOR UKRAINE – Programme for Scientists from Ukraine Cooperating with Scientists from Poland is aimed at researchers from Poland and Ukraine who want to jointly carry out a research project. The budget of each project for the period of 12 months is PLN 268 800, which includes both salaries of applicants and research-related costs. The projects will be selected in the framework of two competitions held this year. The call for applications for the first competition has been closed already. The deadline for applications for the second competition is September 30, 2022.

For more information about the programme, see here.