FNP at the Science. Polish Perspectives Conference

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The second edition of the Science. Polish Perspectives popular science conference was held on 15-16 November 2013 at Peterhouse, the oldest college of the University of Cambridge.

The meeting was intended for young researchers, PhD students and undergraduates of Polish origin, conducting their research at universities outside of Poland. This annual conference gives young Polish scientists who live and study abroad an opportunity to meet, build a network of contacts and discuss Poland’s participation in the development of science and technology. The main aim is to integrate the Polish expatriate researcher community, to popularise and present their achievements to a wider audience, to facilitate the exchange of ideas, and also to encourage scientific cooperation with Poland and Polish scientists abroad.

The conference is organized by two student societies: Cambridge University Polish Society and Oxford University Polish Society with support from LSE SU Polish Business Society.

This was the second time that the Foundation for Polish Science was the conference’s scientific partner, while Prof. Maciej Żylicz granted the event the honorary patronage of the FNP President. The participants representing the Foundation were Prof. Maciej Żylicz, PhD hab., Tomasz Poprawka, PhD (Deputy Director of the Programme Division) and Kinga Słomińska (Programme Coordinator).

The conference organizers and participants also included scientists who have a connection to the FNP. Among the organizers was Magdalena Richter, a beneficiary of the MPD international PhD programme, while the participants included Alessandro Facchini, PhD (a beneficiary of the HOMING PLUS 2012 programme) and Prof. Maciej Konacki, PhD hab. (a beneficiary of the FOCUS 2007 and IDEAS FOR POLAND 2010 programmes), who took part in a debate on the mobility of scientists moderated by Prof. Marta Miączyńska. The participants presenting their results on research posters included Sławomir Boncel, PhD, who is currently a fellow at the University of Cambridge thanks to the KOLUMB programme.

The SPP conference opened with Prof. Robert Hołyst, PhD hab., a beneficiary of the START 1993, MISTRZ/MASTER 2007, NOVUM 2008 and TEAM 2009 programmes, reading a letter from Prof. Maria Orłowska, deputy minister of science and higher education. Next, Prof. Żylicz conveyed congratulations from President of Poland Bronisław Komorowski to the organizers. 

The young scientists could listen to popular science presentations from such fields as life sciences, mathematical and physical sciences and economics. They could also take part in workshops and panel discussions, and had the opportunity to obtain information about fellowships and funding for research.

The event’s honorary patrons included the minister of foreign affairs – Radosław Sikorski, the minister of science and higher education – Barbara Kudrycka, and the president of the Polish Academy of Sciences – Prof. Michał Kleiber. Apart from the FNP, the scientific partners were the  National Centre Science, the EU National Contact Point and the Copernicus Science Centre.

For more information visit: www.polishperspectives.org