FNP Partners with the ?Science Against the Pandemic? Campaign

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The Foundation for Polish Science (FNP) has become one of the institutions supporting the action ?Science against the pandemic.? This initiative aims to spread reliable and proven knowledge about Covid-19 vaccines.

The action is organized by recognized experts from the scientific community, chaired by Professor Andrzej M. Fal, President of the Polish Society for Public Health. Many laureates of FNP programs form the ranks of the scientists participating in the undertaking.

?The number of fake news and fear-mongering lies about Covid-19 vaccines is incredibly high in the public space. So it is very important to promote true, reliable, and scientifically verified knowledge about the pandemic, including information on the safety of manufactured vaccines. This is the aim of the campaign ?Science against the pandemic,? which the Foundation for Polish Science will strongly support as a partner institution? ? says prof. Maciej Żylicz, the President of the FNP.

The scientists who participate in the campaign prepared a white paper ?Vaccination Against Covid-19: Innovative Technologies and Efficiency,? which is a compendium of knowledge on vaccines, technologies, and their justification in the fight against the pandemic. The white paper?s contents support the medical community and services who have daily contact with patients and most often are their first source of knowledge. The document is also a source of knowledge for the media and the general public; all those who seek facts about vaccination against Covid-19 and the types of vaccines used. As the authors claim, the publication is the first such comprehensive document prepared by representatives of science and practical medicine for the benefit of education and dissemination of reliable information about Covid-19 vaccines. The document was prepared in both Polish and English and can be downloaded free of charge from the campaign website.

The website also includes an FAQ section, where you can find expert answers to frequently asked questions about vaccinations and vaccines.

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