FNP Partners with “Zapisz Dobro” Campaign

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The campaign Zapisz Dobro (Bequeath Good) educates about the importance of conscious disposal of one’s property and the formalities related to the preparation of a will. The campaign has just launched and will last until June 10. The Foundation for Polish Science supports the initiative together with twelve other organizations.

The more than two-year-long Covid-19 pandemic and recent events in Ukraine have motivated a growing number of Poles to make a will. As they declare, they do it not because they are preparing for the worst, but because they have realized how fleeting human life can be and how important it is to leave behind some order and security for their loved ones. Just in case.

Unfortunately, despite good intentions, the wills the Poles make are not always correct. Some have formal errors that make the documents invalid. Other documents are written in such a way that they can be easily challenged in the future after the testator’s death. the Zapisz Dobro campaign was launched on May 30 with all these people in mind, and those who have been planning to write a will for a long time now but never found the right moment. The campaign is organized as part of the national Napisz Testament (Write a Will) educational campaign. Its members are thirteen non-governmental organizations, including the Foundation for Polish Science, which educate Poles in this important area.

The goal of Zapisz Dobro is to remove from wills the label of documents written only by the wealthy, the elderly, or those with complicated family situations. The organizers also point out the possibility of including in the will – besides family members – a non-governmental organization with whose activities one agrees.


Support of Science

Should one include the Foundation for Polish Science in their will, the donated funds will be entirely allocated to the financing of stipends for early-career scientists in the START programme. Beginning in 2022, the Foundation will award the Prof. Wacław Szybalski stipend, which was established from a testamentary bequest. The award will be given to the winners of the START programme who were recognized for innovative achievements in the field of biotechnology, genetics, or molecular biology. For detailed information, see start.fnp.org.pl.

Campaign Events

The following webinars will be held during the Zapisz Dobro campaign, which will be broadcast from the fanpage facebook.com/NapiszTestament at noon:

  • Wednesday 1.06 – “The most common mistakes related to making wills, or what to do to make a will valid?” with attorney Tomasz Krzywanski of the GWW Law Firm;
  • Friday 3.06 – “What’s up in the courtroom? Or, why you do not have to be afraid of inheritance court hearings” with Grzegorz Kurdziel, Judge of the District Court for Wrocław Śródmieście in Wrocław;
  • Monday 6.06 – “Where did wills come from? Or, about one of the oldest methods of property management in case of death” with Prof. Agnieszka Bartoszewicz from the University of Warsaw;
  • Wednesday 8.06 – “Why we are afraid of wills? Or, the devil is not so black as he is painted” with psychologist Dominika Słomińska;
  • Friday, 10.06 – “Helping is power, or why more and more Poles have the need to do good?” with Agnieszka Sawczuk, philanthropy counselor and strategist.

From May 30 to June 10, every day, the will helpline (+48 500 857 074) will be open on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 10 a.m. and noon, and on Tuesday and Thursday between 4 and 6 p.m. Anyone who wishes to consult their individual case will be welcome to call the lawyers.

For more information, visit www.zapiszdobro.pl and www.facebook.com/NapiszTestament.

Source: press materials.