FNP Supports the “Help the Helpers” Campaign

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In the wake of the Russian assault on Ukraine, we are witnessing the largest spontaneous aid campaign in decades, which involves citizens, non-governmental organizations, companies, local governments, the media, and other institutions in Poland.

Overnight, foundations and associations have become places that coordinate local relief efforts, and they now appeal for donations of only those material gifts that are needed at a given moment. They also remind us that we may support these organizations financially, preferably on a regular basis, as this will allow us to react faster and better to the needs of people affected by the tragedy. This will allow them to respond faster and better to the needs of people affected by the tragedy, both now and in the coming months.

The Foundation for Polish Science joins the campaign that promotes wise help, emphasizes the role of non-governmental organizations in the current crisis, and encourages their regular support.

The campaign is a joint undertaking of the Polish Donors Forum, the Academy of Civic Organizations Foundation (FAOO), and the National Federation of Polish NGOs (OFOP), supported by over 70 organizations.

For more about the campaign, read here.

Click here to read a set of tips on how to help the helpers.