Foundation for Polish Science Will Continue Strengthening Polish-French Scientific Cooperation

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The Foundation for Polish Science (FNP) together with the French Academy of sciences (FAS) decided to continue their cooperation in order to award the Marie Skłodowska-Curie and Pierre Curie Polish-French Scientific Award. The cooperation will be possible thanks to the financial support granted by the Zygmunt Zaleski Foundation.

The Polish-French Scientific Award was established in 2019 to promote Polish-French scientific cooperation. The prize can be awarded to a pair of collaborating scientists from Poland and France. The first competition was implemented with the financial support of the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI).

On Tuesday, September 7th in Paris, the FNP and the FAS have signed an agreement to continue cooperation in awarding the Award. The parties will establish a Polish-French Jury responsible for the substantive course of the competition, and they will select the winners based on the Jury?s recommendations.

In Paris, the FNP has also signed an agreement with the Zygmunt Zaleski Foundation, which for 30 years has supported the development of Polish culture in Poland and France. Under the agreement, the Zaleski Foundation will finance the Polish-French Science Prize together with the FNP, and the former will provide funds in the amount of EUR 45,000 for this purpose.

Zdjęcie grupowe_1_fot. Académie des sciences
From left: Patrick Flandrin (President, French Academy of sciences), Tomasz Młynarski (Ambassador of Poland in France), Maciej Żylicz (President of FNP), Helene Zaleski (Treasurer, Zygmunt Zaleski Foundation), Francis-André Wollman (Vice-President, Foreign Secretary of FAS), Étienne Ghys (Permanent Secretary of FAS), Jadwiga Czartoryska (Member of the Board, Zygmunt Zaleski Foundation).


?We are very happy that we may cooperate with such excellent partners. We already have many achievements in the field of Polish-French scientific cooperation, and we certainly should reward the most important ones. We hope that thanks to the Award, we will contribute to the further development and tightening of this cooperation,? says Professor Maciej Żylicz, President of the Foundation for Polish Science.

?By creating the Marie Skłodowska-Curie and Pierre Curie Award, the French Academy of sciences and the Foundation for Polish Science support the joint efforts of our two countries to promote curiosity-driven science within the European space,? says Dr. Francis-André Wollmann, Vice-President, Foreign Secretary of FAS.

“We are happy to support this award, which brings together scientists from France and Poland. We are following in the footsteps of Zygmunt Zaleski, who worked all his life for good relations between the two countries,” says Helene Zaleski of Zygmunt Zaleski Stichting.

Podpisywanie dokumentów_2_fot. Academie des sciences
From left: Maciej Żylicz (President of FNP), Jadwiga Czartoryska (Member of the Board, Zygmunt Zaleski Foundation), Helene Zaleski (Treasurer, Zygmunt Zaleski Foundation).


Podpisywanie dokumentów_3_fot. Academie des sciences
From left: Maciej Żylicz (President of FNP), Francis-André Wollman (Vice-President, Foreign Secretary of FAS), Étienne Ghys (Permanent Secretary of FAS)


The Polish-French Scientific Award is granted every two years. The competition is conducted by way of nominations, and self-nominations are also considered. The Award is addressed to representatives of all fields of science. The call for applications for the second edition of the competition will be announced this autumn.

About our partners:

  • French Academy of sciences – Created by Colbert in 1666, the Academy of sciences is an assembly of scientists, chosen among the most distinguished French and foreign specialists. It examines the political, ethical and societal issues surrounding the current and future scientific topics. The Academy reflects, anticipates, explains and pronounces itself, mainly through opinions and recommendations and takes position when necessary. It aims to provide policy makers with a framework of expertise, counsel and alert and more broadly to enlighten the debates and choices of our society. In addition, the Academy of sciences supports research, is committed to the quality of science education and promotes scientific life at the international level. More information:
  • Zygmunt Zaleski Stichting was founded in 1990 in The Netherlands. Its founder Roman Zaleski, son of Zygmunt Lubicz-Zaleski, established the Foundation to honor his father’s memory. From the very beginning, the Foundation’s main goal was to support the development of Polish culture, both in Poland and in France. For almost 30 years, the Foundation supported the Polish Library in Paris, one of the most important Polish cultural institutions abroad. The financial support provided by the Foundation enabled not only to maintain the Library and its availability to the public, but also to save the decaying building, through a general renovation. It also enabled the renovation of part of the inestimable collections. For over 20 years, the Foundation has been cooperating with Animato Association, Royal Castle in Warsaw, Royal Castle in Krakow, National Museum in Warsaw, Palace Museum in Compiegne, Warsaw School of Economics, University of Warsaw, Sinfonia Varsovia and other scientific and cultural organizations. In December 2021 Foundation will support the first Chopin competition in France organized by Animato. The Foundation from 2019 began to support the development of pro-ecological attitudes and the protection of the environment. More information:

More information:

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