Foundation for Polish Science co-organizes Copernicus Festival

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The third edition of the Copernicus Festival will be held on 17–22 May 2016 in Kraków – devoted this year to the phenomenon of beauty. The subject of reflections during this year’s festival will be the beauty of the universe and nature, beauty in science, art and literature, beauty as a criterion of truth, and beauty as a path to transcendence.

The Copernicus Festival is held each year, with the aim of displaying dimensions of the presence of science in culture. It was patterned on the World Science Festival, held every year in New York and attracting the world’s top scientists and crowds of participants. The Copernicus Festival in Kraków seeks to showcase in a similar way the mutual influence of scientific concepts, religion, literature and art – not only through lectures and debates, but also through film screenings, workshops, concerts and exhibitions. Guests at the festival will include leading figures of the world of science, such as Semir Zeki, Gregory Chaitin, Julian Barbour and Jerzy Vetulani, as well as distinguished writers and artists, such as John Banville and Stefan Chwin.

The initiators of the Copernicus Festival are the Tygodnik Powszechny Foundation and the Copernicus Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies. The Foundation for Polish Science is a co-organizer of the festival and will also host a debate entitled ”Is every scientist an artist?” on 19 May at 8:30 pm at the National Museum in Kraków. We cordially invite to attend the event and listen to our guests.

Review the Copernicus Festival agenda: it offers a wealth of varied and interesting events. Admission to all events is free of charge.

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