The Foundation for Polish Science has signed the Future Partnership Project Statement

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The Foundation for Polish Science is one of the signatories of the Future Partnership Project – an international statement regarding the scientific collaboration between the UK and countries of continental Europe, which has been initiated by the UK?s Royal Academy and Wellcome Trust.

The statement was signed on the 4th of May, by 52 organisations, including the British Council, the French Académie des Sciences and major research institutions from Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, and Lithuania.

?As the UK and the EU prepare to define their future relationship, we welcome their shared ambition to ensure that we can continue our history of close working. As representatives of research communities across the wider European Research Area, we are united in our desire for an ambitious and close future partnership on research and innovation. This would be good for European science and, in turn, for science globally. It is essential we are able to work together to deliver broad benefits to all, tackle the challenges facing our societies, preserve our environment for future generations and build the industries of the future.?

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