Increasing the budget/extending a project: TEAM, WELCOME, HOMING PLUS

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The Foundation has introduced changes to the competition documentation of the TEAM, WELCOME and HOMING PLUS* programmes enabling current beneficiaries to:

  • extend the project implementation period,
  • increase the budget
  • extend the eligible expense period.

This proposal is available to all beneficiaries whose agreements specify a project completion date other than 31 December 2015. At present the non-extendible deadline for project completion is 31 December 2015.

Laureates interested in taking advantage of this possibility are kindly requested to read the detailed information on changes in the competition documentation offering the possibility of extending a project and applying for a budget increase.

The deadline for submitting an application in connection with these changes is 4 p.m. on 10 September 2014 (the decisive date is the date of receipt of the electronic and paper versions of the aforementioned documents and required attachments by the Foundation).

Applications that pass a formal evaluation and qualify for the competition will be assessed by an interdisciplinary panel of experts. On the basis of their recommendations the FNP Board will reach a decision on approving the changes requested in individual projects.

Application form

* THE TEAM, WELCOME, HOMING PLUS programmes are implemented within the INNOVATIVE ECONOMY OPERATIONAL PROGRAMME 2007-2013 Priority 1 ?Research and Development of New Technologies? Action 1.2