A Prize for FNP MONOGRAPHS Publication

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We are pleased to inform you that the book by Dr. Katarzyna Kalinowska, published in the FNP MONOGRAPHS series, entitled Praktyki flirtu i podrywu. Studium z mikrosocjologii emocji (Flirt and Pickup Practices: A Study in the Microsociology of Emotions) received the Stanisław Ossowski Prize awarded by the Polish Sociological Society.

This is the second award for Kalinowska’s book from the Polish Sociological Society, after the Anselm Strauss Prize.

Kalinowska’s monograph is an exploratory study of love in the practice of flirt and pickup. The book’s analyses resulted from many years of field research in sanatoria, in the patients’ community, and during club parties, among young people having fun in clubs. The research resulted in the recognition of affective phenomena in direct romantic and erotic interactions of men and women that happen in social contexts. The book combines the ethnographic reconstruction of emotional actions in love-related practices with theoretical considerations related to the development of studies on the course of interactions, the phenomenology of emotions, and the micro-social dimension of emotional life. Moreover, the monograph includes an extensive overview of research approaches, which constitute the project of affect-sensitive methodology.

The Stanisław Ossowski Prize was established in 1973 and is primarily awarded to early-career scholars for outstanding sociological works or publications on the border of sociology and related disciplines.

We congratulate the author!