FNP Beneficiaries Among Finalists of POLITYKA Science Awards

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We are pleased to inform you that the 15 finalists of Polityka weekly?s 15th Science Awards, announced on 9 September 2015 in the weekly, include seven beneficiaries of the Foundation for Polish Science?s programmes.

In the humanities, the list of finalists includes:

  • Jan Jakub Kwapisz, PhD (classicist), beneficiary of the 2009 START programme

The finalists in the life sciences include:

  • Joanna Jadwiga Nynca, PhD (biologist), beneficiary of the 2011 and 2012 START programme
  • Paweł Piotr Szczęsny, PhD (biologist), beneficiary of the 2010 START programme
  • Ewa Marta Wunsch, MD (medical researcher), beneficiary of the 2014 and 2015 START programme

In the exact sciences, the list of finalists includes:

  • Agata Karska, PhD (astrophysicist), beneficiary of the 2015 START programme
  • Joanna Kowalska, PhD (chemist), beneficiary of the 2008 and 2009 START programme

The finalists in the technical sciences include:

  • Łukasz Karol Madej, PhD habil. Eng., beneficiary of the 2009 START programme and the Conference Grants programme.

The Polityka Science Awards have been granted for 15 years to young researchers with outstanding scientific achievements to their credit. This year the competition had 377 entrants. Following an evaluation of the entries, the finalists were chosen by a Professors? Committee of respected academics representing all areas of contemporary knowledge. The awards are granted in five areas: the humanities, social sciences, life sciences, exact sciences, and technical sciences. The winners are chosen by a Social Committee of people well-known for their public activity, including Henryka Bochniarz, Robert Firmhofer, Prof. Cezary Szczylik. The results of this year?s competition will be announced at a special gala on 18 October. The five winners will receive grants worth PLN 30,000 each; the other ten finalists will receive prizes of PLN 10,000 each.

For the complete list of the 15th competition?s finalists, visit the POLITYKA weekly website.

Congratulations, everyone!