FNP laureates win EMBO Installation Grants

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We are pleased to report that a trio of laureates of Foundation for Polish Science programmes have won prestigious EMBO Installation Grants for 2018: START laureate Dr Anna Karnkowska from the Faculty of Biology and the Biological and Chemical Research Centre at the University of Warsaw and FIRST TEAM laureates Dr Michał Szymański from the Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology at the University of Gdańsk and the Medical University of Gdańsk and Dr Łukasz Piątkowski from the Poznań University of Technology.

EMBO Installation Grants are awarded by the European Molecular Biology Organization, an international institution made up of over 1,800 outstanding scientists specializing in molecular biology. A grant of EUR 50,000 per year for a period of three to five years is awarded to young leaders of research teams from Czechia, Poland, Portugal and Turkey to establish labs at their home scientific institutions.

More about our laureates who have won EMBO grants this year:

  • Dr Anna Karnkowska is a biologist who studies molecular evolution and taxonomy. She received an EMBO grant for the project ?Evolution of phototrophy in eukaryotes.? At the University of Warsaw, she works at the Department of Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution in the Faculty of Biology, and in the Eukaryotic Microorganisms research group at the Biological and Chemical Research Centre, where she studies protists and other microorganisms.
  • In Gdańsk, Dr Michał Szymański is the director of the Structural Biology Laboratory. With his research team, Szymański studies the structure of enzymes responsible for replication and repair of genetic material in human cells and in viruses and bacteria. He received an EMBO grant for the project ?Structural basis for DNA repair in human mitochondria.?
  • Dr Łukasz Piątkowski is a graduate of the Faculty of Technical Physics at the Poznań University of Technology. With his EMBO grant, he will pursue a project entitled ?The role of hydration in cell membrane organization.? This research seeks to explain the role of non-homogeneous hydration and hydrophobic incongruity in the organization of biomimetic cell membranes.

In this year?s edition, EMBO Installation Grants were awarded to 10 outstanding young researchers from the four participating countries.

Our congratulations!

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Photo by University of Warsaw