Beneficiaries of the MISTRZ Academic Grants for Professors (2013 Edition)

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The Foundation has selected the nine outstanding researchers who will receive academic grants in the amount of approx. 300,000 zlotys each for two- and three-year projects from the chemical and materials sciences.

The beneficiaries may spend the money on research (the research grant part, for purposes such as purchasing books or equipment and activities involved in the presentation of research results) and on training young researchers (the stipend part for young scientists who are members of the beneficiary’s research team).

The Foundation has been running the MISTRZ programme (academic grants for professors) since 1998. The aim is to support leading scientists by offering them subsidies enabling them to intensify their ongoing research or to investigate new fields of research. The grants are awarded in a closed competition, every year in a different field of science. The candidates are nominated by applicants (recognized academic authorities from a given field). Next, the research projects submitted by the candidates undergo a two-stage evaluation, first by reviewers and then by experts who, based on the reviews, draw up a list of beneficiaries which the Foundation Board then approves.

Congratulations to the beneficiaries!


List of beneficiaries of the MISTRZ 2013 programme