HOMING laureate wins prestigious ERC grant

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We are happy to report that Dr Marcin Pilipczuk of the Institute of Informatics at the University of Warsaw, a winner in FNP’s first HOMING programme, has received a prestigious ERC Starting Grant from the European Research Council.

The grant awarded to Dr Pilipczuk is for over EUR 1.2 million. The research pursued by him and his team will involve discrete mathematics and theoretical informatics. Dr Pilipczuk will examine mathematical (combinatorial) properties of networks—computer networks, road networks and the like—in terms of algorithmic applications.

Dr Marcin Pilipczuk completed joint degrees in computer science and mathematics at the University of Warsaw, and specializes in algorithmics. He has conducted research at the University of Bergen, Norway, the University of Warwick, England, and the prestigious Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing in Berkeley, California. He won 1st place in the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest in Tokyo.

He is a winner in the first competition in the HOMING programme of the Foundation for Polish Science, in which he will pursue a project entitled “The latest trends in kernelization: Theory and experimental evaluation.”

Warm congratulations to our laureate!

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