NameLocation of project implementationProject titleAmount awarded (up to PLN)
Dr Barbara Jasiulis-Gołdyn (project director)University of Wrocław, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer SciencesFirst order Kendall maximal autoregressive processes and their applicationsPLN 481 860
Dr Alicja Babst-Kostecka (project director)W. Szafer Institute of Botany PAS in KrakówAdaptation of Arabidopsis halleri to metal-polluted soils: linking environmental, genomic, and phenotypic informationPLN 799 626
Dr Joanna Ortyl (project director)Cracow University of Technology, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and TechnologySynthesis and photochemistry/photophysics studies of the intelligent luminescent molecular sensors for selective detection in biochemistry and chemistryPLN 800 000
Dr Izabela Stefanowicz-Pięta (project director)Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS in WarsawWaste into fuel – catalyst and process development for waste biomass valorizationPLN 800 000
Dr Annamaria Naughton-Duszova (project director)Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology in KrakówDevelopment of ZrB2 and HfB2 based ceramicsPLN 791 584