Prof. dr hab. Roman LebodaMaria Curie-Skłodowska University, Faculty of ChemistryPreparation of New Adsorbents and Studying their Chemical Processes from the Point of View of Optimisation of Processes of Adsorption and Analysis of Substances Dangerous for the Health and Human Life
Prof. dr hab. Jacek KossutInstitute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, WarsawSpin Phenomena in Low-Dimension Structures from Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors and in Hybrid Structures
Prof. dr hab. eng. Mieczysław ŁapkowskiSilesian University of Technology, Faculty of ChemistryElectrochemical and Spectroelectrochemical Research on Conjugated Oligomers and Polymers
Prof. dr hab. Roman MicnasAdam Mickiewicz University, Faculty of PhysicsHigh-temperature Superconductivity and Electron Regulation
Prof. dr hab. Józef SpałekJagiellonian University, Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer ScienceThe New Physics of Strongly Correlated Fermions in Nanosystems and Superconductors
Prof. dr hab. Andrzej UdalskiUniversity of Warsaw, Astronomical ObservatoryThe Search for Extrasolar Planetary Systems with Photometric Methods
Prof. dr hab. Przemysław WojtaszczykUniversity of Warsaw, Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and MechanicsNon-linear Approximation
Prof. dr hab. Marek ŻukowskiUniversity of Gdańsk, Faculty of Mathematics and PhysicsInterferometry of Entangled Photons and Quantum Information Science
Prof. dr hab. Józef E. KoreckiAGH University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Physics and Nuclear TechnologyEpitaxial Functional Nanostructures
Prof. dr hab. Jerzy KaczorowskiAdam Mickiewicz University, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer ScienceAnalyical and Algorithmic Number of Theory
Prof. dr hab. Bogumił JeziorskiUniversity of Warsaw, Faculty of ChemistryTheory of Effects of Open-shell Molecules and its Application to Describe Spectroscopic and Collision Processes in Ultra-low Temperatures
Prof. dr hab. Mariusz JaskólskiAdam Mickiewicz University, Faculty of ChemistryCrystallographic Research on the Structure of Protein
Prof. dr hab. Aleksander JabłońskiInstitute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, WarsawResearch on the Composition and Structure of First Atomic Layers of Solids Using Electron Spectroscopy
Prof. dr hab. Jacek DobaczewskiUniversity of Warsaw, Faculty of PhysicsExotic Properties of Atomic Nuclei Far from Stability
Prof. dr hab. eng. Zbigniew BrzózkaWarsaw University of Technology, Faculty of ChemistryResearch on New Receptors of Selected Bioanalytes and their Application in Miniature Analytical Systems