Prof. dr hab. eng. Maciej BugajskiInstitute of Electron Technology, WarsawQuantum Structures for Photonics
Prof. dr hab. eng. Tadeusz BurczyńskiSilesian University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanics and TechnologyIntelligent Calculations in Optimalisation and Identification of Constructions and Materials
Prof. dr hab. Marek DarowskiNałęcz Institute of Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering , Polish Academy of Sciences, WarsawDevelopment of Concepts and Applications of Hybrid Models of the Circulatory and Respiratory Systems
Prof. dr hab. eng. Marek DomańskiPoznań University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical EngineeringDevelopment of Theories and Techniques for Application in Advanced Multimedia Systems
Prof. dr hab. eng. Andrzej JajszczykAGH University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics, Computer Science and ElectronicsIntelligent Optical Networks
Prof. dr hab. Zbigniew KowalczykWarsaw University of Technology, Faculty of ChemistryThermally Modified Coals as Carriers of Stages of Active Catalysts Intended for Synthesis of Ammonia and Hydrodesulphurisation
Prof. dr hab. eng. Cezary MadryasWrocław University of Technology, Faculty of Civil and Hydraulic EngineeringA Strategy for Adapting Constructions of Sewage Systems for the Needs of the City of the Future
Prof. dr hab. eng. Jan MisiewiczWrocław University of Technology, Faculty of Fundamental Problems of TechnologyResearch on Structures with Semiconductor Wells and Quantum Dots Intended for Telecommunication Lasers
Prof. dr hab. Józef ModelskiWarsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics and Information TechnologyRadiocommunication Systems of Future Generations - Methods of Analysis, Design and Realisation
Prof. dr hab. eng. Janusz MroczkaWrocław University of Technology, Faculty of ElectronicsMetrological Conditions of Photonic Methods of Spectral Analysis and Polarised Radiation Emitted in Disperse Systems
Prof. dr hab. eng. Jerzy NowackiWest Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin, Faculty of MechanicsFormation of the Structure and Characteristics of the Outer Layer of Superalloys
Prof. dr hab. eng. Wiesław OstachowiczInstitute of Fluid-Flow Machinery, Polish Academy of Sciences, GdańskResearch on Construction of Composites with Controllable Physical Characteristics and Application of Multifunctional Materials
Prof. dr hab. eng. Ewaryst RafajłowiczWrocław University of Technology, Faculty of ElectronicsNon-linear Processing of Information Streams in Decision Processes
Prof. dr hab. eng. Leszek RutkowskiCzęstochowa University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer ScienceNew Methods of Decision-Making Using Computer Intelligence Techniques
Prof. dr hab. eng. Krzysztof TchońWrocław University of Technology, Faculty of ElectronicsDevelopment of Mathematical Foundations of Robotics. An Endogenous Configuration Space Approach