Prof. dr hab. Barbara BilińskaJagiellonian University, Institute of ZoologyMolecular background of anti-androgen induced alterations in the male reproductive system
Prof. dr hab. Stanisław CzuczwarMedical University of Lublin, Department of PathophysiologyInfluence of cannabinoid ligands upon the protective activity of conventional and novel antiepileptic drugs in two models of experimental seizures in mice
Prof. dr hab. Jakub GołąbMedical University of Warsaw, Centrum for Biostructure ResearchDevelopment of more effective treatments for neoplastic diseases
Prof. dr hab. med. Andrzej JanuszewiczCardinal Wyszynski National Institute of CardiologyGenetic and clinical characterization of patients with pheochromocytoma and the impact of pheochromocytoma on cardiovascular system.
Prof. dr hab. Ryszard KierzekInstitute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Polish Academy of SciencesOligonucleotides modulation of aberrant alternative splicing of pre-mRNA associated with some neurodegenerative diseases.
Prof. dr hab. Ryszard KoronaJagiellonian University, Institute of Environmental SciencesPatterns of genetic interactions under growth, stress, and starvation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Prof. dr hab. Jerzy MozrzymasWrocław Medical University, Department of BiophysicsDescription of GABAergic transmission and mechanisms of modulation
Prof. dr hab. med. Krzysztof NarkiewiczMedical University of Gdańsk, Department of Hypertension and DiabetologyThe search of novel approaches in the prevention of hypertension and its complications
Prof. dr hab. Jacek RadwanJagiellonian University, Institute of Environmental SciencesEvolutionary genetics of sexual selection
Prof. dr hab. Waldemar TurskiMedical University of Lublin, Department of Experimental PharmacologyKynurenic acid in brain and periphery - its role in physiology and pathology
Prof. dr hab. Krzysztof WoźniakUniversity of Warsaw, Department of Theoretical Chemistry and CrystalographyStructural and experimental charge density studies of important new organic and inorganic materials
Prof. dr hab. Jolanta Zakrzewska-CzerwińskaUniversity of Wrocław, Department of Molecular MicrobiologyRegulation of the initiation of chromosomal replication in bacteria - comparison of two related actinomycetales pathogenic Mycobacterium and non-pathogenic mycelial Streptomyces