Prof. dr hab. eng. Andrzej BartoszewiczOptimal Slide-Steering of Dynamic ObjectsŁódź University of Technology
Dr hab. Krzysztof BelczyńskiResearch on Compact Objects: SNIa, ULX and GR SourcesUniversity of Warsaw
Prof. dr hab. Bożena CzernyQuasars as Markers of Distribution of Dark EnergyNicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center, Polish Academy of Sciences
Prof. dr hab. eng. Teodor Paweł GotszalkNanometrology Using Advanced Scanning Near-field Optical Microscopy)Wrocław University of Technology
Prof. dr hab. Lech Tadeusz JanuszkiewiczGeometric Group TheoryInstitute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw
Prof. dr hab. Piotr KossackiSpin Manipulation in Semiconductor NanostructuresUniversity of Warsaw
Prof. dr hab. Mieczysław MastyłoInterpolational Methods in Operator Theory and a Banach SpaceAdam Mickiewicz University
Prof. dr hab. Robert MoszyńskiTheoretical Modelling of Fundamental Molecular Processes in a Low-Termperature Regime Using Modern Methods of Electron Structure TheoryUniversity of Warsaw
Prof. dr hab. eng. Maciej OgorzałekNew Calculation Methods for Designing the Next Generation of Micro-Electronic SystemsJagiellonian University
Prof. dr hab. eng. Arkadiusz WójsThe Magneto-Optics of Semi-conductor Nanostructures in Spin 3/2 Carriers (From the Point of View of Applications in Reproduction of Quantum Information)Wrocław University of Technology