Laureates of the 2014 COPERNICUS Award

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Prof. Marek Żukowski from the University of Gdańsk and Prof. Harald Weinfurter from the University of Munich have been named as the recipients of the fifth edition of the COPERNICUS Polish-German Scientific Award, presented by the Foundation for Polish Science and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).

The recipients were awarded the distinction for the research they have conducted jointly in quantum physics. The jury, comprising eminent representatives of the world of science, also praised the complementary character of the two scientists? work, thanks to which their combined research encompasses both theoretical and experimental studies.

The award amounts to 100,000 euro ? 50,000 euro to each recipient.

The award ceremony is to take place on 10 September 2014 in Berlin.

Since 2006, the COPERNICUS Award has been presented to two scientists ? one Polish, one German ? working together on a joint research project. Its objective is to distinguish scholars who display particular merit for German-Polish cooperation, combining in a complementary way their different experience, knowledge and resources in order to arrive at a joint solution to research problems. The results of this collaboration should have the potential to open new perspectives in their research fields or other domains of science and to make an outstanding input to the development of the two nations. The criteria for selection of candidates for the award are first-rate joint scientific achievements and exceptional successes in German-Polish cooperation.

The competition is aimed at representatives of all fields. Award winners are chosen by a jury composed of eminent scholars from Poland and Germany nominated by the FNP and DFG.

 Photo: prof. Marek Żukowski by Michał Jędrak