The COPERNICUS Award 2016: two weeks left to nominate

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15 June 2015 is the deadline to submit applications in the sixth Polish-German COPERNICUS Award. Self-nominations shall be considered.

The purpose of the award is to give a distinction to the researchers most active in Polish-German scientific cooperation who have made exceptional achievements as a result of that cooperation. In particular, researchers are expected to have rendered outstanding services to Polish-German cooperation by bringing together complementary skills, expertise, and resources in order to jointly address research problems. The results of such joint cooperation shall have a potential to open new perspectives in their respective research fields or other domains of science and provide an exceptional contribution towards the advancement of both nations.

Only researchers who have at least a doctoral degree and are currently working at universities and/or research institutions in Germany and/or Poland are eligible to nominate candidates. Self-nominations shall be considered.

The Copernicus Award is a joint initiative of the Foundation for Polish Science and German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft).

The award is granted on the basis of an open competition and the contest embraces all fields of science. The prize money of ?200 000 is donated in equal shares by the DFG and the FNP and the award is divided equally among the two recipients. Funds should be used to further advance Polish-German scientific cooperation.

The deadline for submitting nominations is Monday, 15th of June 2015 at 4 pm (CEST). The deadline for the hardcopy submission is prolonged until 30 Junesee details.

For more information please follow the guidelines or contact:

Dr Wilma Rethage at DFG: +49 (228) 885-24-94; email:

Dr Beata Frączak at FNP: +48 (22) 845 95 43; email:

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