Polish President?s Business Award goes to Medicalgorithmics

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We are delighted to announce the success of Dr Marek Dziubiński, Foundation beneficiary and founder of the company Medicalgorithmics, which has received a Polish President?s Business Award in the Innovation category. The Foundation for Polish Science nominated the company for the award.

Medicalgorithmics has been active in the high-tech sector since 2005, providing system and algorithmic solutions in cardiology diagnosis. Its flagship product is PocketECG, a remote heart rhythm monitoring device which can be used to track the heart for weeks at a time. The innovative algorithms for ECG interpretation developed by the company mean that PocketECG can generate results in real time with the same precision as a Holter monitor, sending live data to a doctor or monitoring centre.

Development of the technology used by the device was made possible by the grant of 450,000 PLN which Dr Dziubiński received in 2006 from the Foundation?s INNOVATOR programme. Today, Medicalgorithmics is achieving success in the American market, and in 2011 it made its debut on the NewConnect share market.

The Polish President?s Business Award is widely recognised as the most valuable prize for companies, research and development institutes and inventors in Poland. It is presented in five categories: Innovation, Presence on the Global Market, Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility, Green Economy and Lasting Success.

Many congratulations to our beneficiary on his achievement!

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