The FNP Prizes 2013 awarded

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The Council of the Foundation for Polish Science for the twenty second year has awarded the 2013 FNP Prize for exceptional achievements and scientific discoveries which shift cognitive boundaries and open new perspectives for research, provide an exceptional contribution towards the advancement of our nation’s progress and culture as well as assure Poland a significant position for undertaking the most ambitious challenges of the modern world. The FNP Prize is regarded as the most prestigious of its kind in Poland. This year, the value of the Prize is 200 000 PLN.

The laureates of the 2013 FNP Prize are:

  • in area of Life Sciences:

Prof. Andrzej K. Tarkowski from the Institute of Zoology, Faculty of Biology at the University of Warsaw, for discoveries explaining the fundamental mechanisms responsible for the early development of mammalian embryos;

  • in area of Chemical and Materials Sciences:

Prof. Sylwester Porowski from the Institute of High Pressure Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, for developing a high-pressure method for producing gallium nitride monocrystals;

  • in area of Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences:

Prof. Marek Żukowski from the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics of the University of Gdańsk, for research on multi-photon entangled states, which led to formulation of information causality as a principle of physics;

  • in area of the Humanities and Social Sciences:

Prof. Jan Woleński from the Institute of Philosophy at Jagiellonian University, for a comprehensive analysis of the work of the Lvov-Warsaw school and for placing its achievements within the international discourse of contemporary philosophy.


The FNP Prize ceremony will take place on 4th December in the Royal Castle in Warsaw.