FNP programme beneficiaries nominated in “Focus Lenses” Poll

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We are delighted to announce that our beneficiaries feature among the 2014 “Focus Lenses” poll nominees. The aim of this poll is to reward the most interesting and innovative scientific projects in three categories: innovations in medicine, innovations in technology and innovations in IT.

Nominations in the “innovations in medicine” category went to:
dr. eng. Katarzyna Nawrotek of Łódź University of Technology, INTER 2014 competition and MENTORING programme beneficiary, for her work on the method of production of hydrogels which can, for example, act as scaffolds for nerve fibres regenerating after damage to the spinal cord.
Prof. Szczepan Zapotoczny of the Jagiellonian University, 2002 START programme beneficiary, for developing a supplement to artificial materials with antibacterial properties that can be used, for example, in medical equipment.
A nomination in the “innovations in medicine” category was also given to the Centre of Polymer and Carbon Materials of the Polish Academy of Sciences (CMPW PAN) in Gliwice for its work on temperature-responsive polymers, which will facilitate laboratory cultivation of cells for transplants. The coordinator of this project is Prof. Andrzej Dworak, 2003 MILAB programme beneficiary.

Votes can be cast until 28 February at http://soczewki.focus.pl/glosowanie.

Feel free to vote for our beneficiaries!

Pictured: dr eng. Katarzyna Nawrotek, INTER 2014 competition and MENTORING programme beneficiary.