New Schedule of Training Courses in the SKILLS Project

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We encourage you to get acquainted with the new schedule of training courses that the Foundation is organizing in the SKILLS project.

Training courses schedule 2014 SKILLS

Within the SKILLS project the Foundation offers:

  • courses improving research management skills,
  • courses on technology transfer and entrepreneurship,
  • scientific communication workshops,
  • courses in science popularisation.

The courses are conducted by the best Polish and international specialists
, including VITAE, Econnect Communication, ValueTank, Fuentek, Zbigniew Krzewiński and Edward Potworowski.

The training courses are open to persons residing in Poland who are:

  • research workers employed under an employment contract at a research unit based in the Republic of Poland,
  • PhD students from Polish research units,
  • graduates of PhD studies up to 12 months from obtaining their doctoral degree.

The courses are free of charge. The Foundation provides meals to all the participants during the courses, and accommodation to anyone who does not live in the town where the course is being held. Participants organize their travel to the course themselves and at their own cost.

Recruitment for the courses is announced on the FNP website in the SKILLS – courses tab. Recruitment for the newest courses (“Presentation of research results” and “Interdisciplinary cooperation”) will be announced before the end of July 2014.

To take part in a course, candidates need to register in the training course database:  and submit an application for the course of their choice.

In particular, we encourage researchers who want to apply for upcoming editions of the IMPULS, eNgage and INTER programmes to take part in these courses. The aforementioned programmes are available exclusively to applicants who are also participants in the SKILLS project, i.e. who have signed a declaration of participation in the SKILLS project and a statement regarding their personal details. By taking part in a training course, you can obtain the status of a SKILLS project participant.