Since 2007 the Foundation has awarded its Honorary Distinction to individuals who have made a significant contribution to the founding and development of the Foundation or have taken significant action contributing to building the Foundation?s good reputation or image.

A proposal for the awarding of the Distinction may be put forward by members of the Foundation?s Supervisory and Management Boards or by its employees. A decision to make an award is taken by the Awards Committee, which consists of the Foundation?s President, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, a representative of Foundation?s employees, and a person delegated by the Supervisory Board of FNP.

Recipients of the FNP Honorary Distinction:

  1. prof. Maciej Władysław Grabski
  2. prof. Marian Grynberg
  3. prof. Witold Karczewski
  4. prof. Henryk Samsonowicz
  5. prof. Janusz Sławiński
  6. prof. Andrzej Zoll
  7. dr Konrad Buschbeck
  8. prof. Barbara Skarga
  9. prof. Lech Szczucki
  10. dr Jan Krzysztof Frąckowiak
  11. Krzysztof Michalski
  12. prof. Klaus Hahlbrock
  13. dr Ewa Ger
  14. dr Beate Konze-Thomas
  15. dr Tamara Kołakowska
  16. prof. Adam Sobiczewski

Regulations on the FNP Honorary Distinction