The Foundation for Polish Science has been in operation since 1991. It is a non-governmental, non-political, non-profit institution which pursues the mission of supporting science. It is the largest source of science funding in Poland outside of the state budget.The Foundation realizes its statutory purposes through:

  • Support for distinguished scholars and research teams in all fields of inquiry
  • Assisting innovative ventures and commercialization of scientific discoveries and inventions.

Statute of the Foundation for Polish Science

Rules for award of support by the Foundation:

  • Main motto of FNP: ?Supporting the best, so that they can become even better?
  • Direct support ?targeted to scholars and research groups
  • Competition format ? all grants, prizes and stipends are awarded on the basis of a competition, regardless the citizenship of candidates
  • Peer-review method ? assessment of achievements of participants in the Foundation?s competitions are made by scientists
  • Scientific excellence ? the most important criterion in awarding of support
  • ?Hard money? principle ? highly selective in awarding support in all programmes, strict accounting procedures for funding awarded.

The Foundation pays special attention to the transparency and openness of its operations, regarding this as the foundation for building the society?s trust in the Foundation and in the entire NGO sector.

Financial reporting – the Foundation is examined each year by renowned auditing firms. It publishes an extensive report on its operations every year in its Annual Report, available at FNP?s offices and on its website. FNP?s financial reports are submitted to the National Court Register and the competent ministries.

The Foundation does not award grants for:

  • Realization of statutory tasks or supplementing the budget of research institutions
  • Financing of study at the university, doctoral or post-doctoral level
  • Organizing seminars, conferences, summer schools, or student scientific excursions
  • Financing of participation in courses and training excursions
  • Publication of research results, conference materials or financing of journals (except for publication in the Open Access system, for which financing is available in some programmes
  • Augmenting the resources of libraries and museums
  • Purchasing of typical teaching equipment.

Programmes of the Foundation for Polish Science (PDF)

Statute of the Foundation for Polish Science (PDF)