Subsidies for young scholars – Polish and foreign scientist working abroad – encouraging them to take up research work in Poland.



Encouraging young scholars with PhD working abroad (Poles and foreigners) to continue their scientific career in Poland.


Scholars holding a Ph.D.:

  • Up to 4 years after the doctorate (this period is extended for 2 years in the case of women with a child and men who have taken paternal or childrearing leave for an uninterrupted period of a minimum 3 months)
  • Who have been abroad for an uninterrupted period of at least 9 months (conducting scientific research, holding a postdoctoral fellowship or preparing the doctoral dissertation). The required period of stay abroad may be reduced in the event of conclusion by the Foundation of a specific agreement concerning visits to Poland by scientists from a given foreign unit.
  • Intending to come to Poland within 6 months after the application deadline, or who came to Poland no earlier than 12 months before such date.
  • Who work in Poland at an unit conducting scientific research, or who have obtained a promise of employment for at least the duration of the project.


  • Research subsidy in an amount of up to PLN 80,000 annually (intended solely for realization of the research project, including inter alia salary of personnel, purchases of apparatus, materials necessary to conduct research, scientific publications, computer equipment and software, financing of cooperation with foreign partners).
  • Research stipend in the amount of PLN 5,000 per month.

ATTENTION: The stipend period cannot last longer than June of last year of master studies (max. 21 months, excluding students at medical faculties, for whom maximal stipend period is 33 months), planned master thesis defence date cannot be later than September of last year master studies.

Upon application of the programme recipient (project manager):

  • Research stipends in an amount of PLN 1,000 per month for two students also carrying out their master?s thesis under his or her direction, selected in a competition procedure.


A project carried out within the programme may last from 1 to 2 years.


The basis for assessment of the candidate is scientific achievement from the last 4 years, the research project which the candidate intends to carry out during the course of the subsidy, and information about the team in which the project will be carried out.

After completion of the online form, it should be printed out and signed with all required signatures (signature of the candidate and the person representing the unit). Then the completed and signed form together with the required enclosures should be mailed or delivered to the Foundation?s offices at Grażyny 11 str., 02-548 Warsaw.


Last edition closed.

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Statistics concerning the programme HOMING PLUS

The HOMING PLUS programme for sciences from the categories Bio, Info, Techno is co-financed from structural funds within Action 1.2 ?Strengthening the personnel potential of science? POIG 2007-2013.  


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