Programme for persons carrying out projects funded by the European Research Council pursuant to an ERC Starting Grant in competitions conducted in the EU?s 7th Research Framework Programme who intend to pursue these projects in Poland.


The objective of the program is to encourage young, brilliant researchers from all over the world to choose Poland as the place to carry out their research projects submitted for the ERC competition. The program is designed for people whose previous scientific record demonstrates they are highly independent as researchers and warrants they will conduct world-class quality research.


Winners of ERC Starting Grants competitions in the EU?s 7th Research Framework Programme who decide to implement the grant in Poland.


Subsidies can be granted directly after winning an ERC grant and during the project. The maximum subsidized period is 3 years and depends on the time of receiving the ERC grant and the appraisal of scientific achievements of the winner. The subsidy can be granted only once.


Pursuing research in a Polish research center will be the condition of receiving the subsidy.

The Programme is implemented in the form of an open competition covering all fields of science, and applications are accepted continually. The basis of the applicants evaluation are: scientific career and major achievements, scientific value of the project subbmited for the ERC Starting Grant.


Please contact the programme coordinator directly.


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