Academic grants for professors


The objective of the programme is to support distinguished scholars by awarding them grants designed either to intensify the research they are already conducting or to explore new fields of research.


The programme is addressed to advanced researchers whose attainments so far provide assurance of proper use of the funding, and who are able to effectively combine research with training of younger staff.


The grant includes:

  • an individual stipend for the winner;
  • funding which the winner may use in his or her discretion for such items as stipends for doctoral students and young PhD?s, purchasing of books, scientific journals, equipment, specialised software and research materials, conferences and research travel, organising seminars, inviting young researchers from other institutions for short-term fellowships, and publishing articles in leading open access journals.
  • Stipend for financing young researchers
  • Markup for the institution employing the laureate (maximum 5% of funding)



Grants are awarded via a closed competition which covers a different field of science each year.

  • Life Sciences,
  • Chemical and Material Sciences,
  • Mathematics, Physics and Engineering Sciences,
  • Humanities and Social Sciences.

In 2015 the competition is directed to scholars in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Candidates are nominated by a group of several dozen distinguished scholars, appointed by the Foundation, who are recognized as authorities in the given field. On this basis the Foundation creates a list of persons invited to participate in the competition. Invited scholars who would like to participate in the competition are required to submit information about their research goals together with a plan for use of the grants.

The Executive Board of the Foundation selects the winners, with the help of opinions from reviewers.


Nomination procedure - individual applications not accepted.

Additional info

In addition, winners in all editions of the programme who have completed implementation of the grant may apply for a one-time research grant in the nature of sabbatical leave. The Foundation expects to be able to offer up to 3 sabbatical grants per year.




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