MONOGRAPHS – Editing/Adiustacje

Financing the costs of linguistic editing of works prepared for publication in a conference language in the field of the humanities and social sciences.


Financing of publication of original, previously unpublished works, selected in a competition, in the field of the humanities and social sciences.


Works may be submitted for the competition by the author of a scholarly monograph in the humanities and social sciences prepared for publication in a conference language, with an affiliation with a Polish research unit. Collective works, master’s theses and bachelor’s theses are not accepted for the competition.


Competition winners will receive a grant to finance linguistic editing. The grant is awarded only to cover the costs of such editing and may not be used to cover the costs of other editing or publishing work.


Works to be considered for the competition should be submitted to the Foundation with a completed and signed application. Please send two copies of the typescript printed in A4 format (Times New Roman size 12, 1.5 spacing), comb-bound or perfect-bound, and an electronic version of the work on CD. The maximum length of a work is 25 publisher’s sheets (1 = 40,000 characters with spaces). We request that submissions contain a complete set of fully edited materials including footnotes and a bibliography. If a doctoral dissertation is submitted, please take into account reviewers’ comments in the text of the book. Specific guidelines on preparation of the work can be found in the publishing instructions for authors.

The competition takes place on a rolling basis. Submitted applications are reviewed by the Publishing Board at sessions taking place approx. every two months. The waiting time for a decision is approx. 4-6 months.

The role of competition jury is played by the Publishing Board, consisting of figures of authority in the academic community appointed for a four-year term by the Foundation Managing Board.

In the current term, the Board comprises:

In the case of submission of doctoral dissertations, we kindly request that works not be submitted in the form in which they were prepared for the doctoral defence, but that they be submitted for the competition elaborated for book form, as close as possible to the form of the future publication. Reviews of doctoral dissertations will not be considered during the competition procedure, so please do not enclose them with the application.

  • prof. Tomasz Kizwalter (chairman)
  • prof. Szymon Wróbel (vice-chairman)
  • prof. Andrzej Borowski
  • prof. Michał Buchowski
  • prof. Antoni Ziemba

The works selected by the Editorial Board are published in the FNP Monographs series, which consists of nearly 200 titles to date.


This competition is conducted on a rolling basis.


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Applications may be filed from 13.01.2016

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