MPD – international PhD projects

Projects implemented during doctoral studies within the international cooperation of scientific institutions


The last call for applications in the MPD programme was closed on 15 March 2010. No additional calls planned.


The overall objective of the programme is to increase the level of research carried out in Poland performed by young scientists during the preparation of their PhD theses. At the same time the programme aims at intensifying international cooperation of the Polish research units. Within the scope of the programme the Foundation covers the stipends for PhD students and research grants including the costs resulting from international cooperation.


The programme is addressed to scientific consortia consisting of at least one Polish and one foreign research unit, that carry out common PhD projects, however the role of the consortium coordinator is reserved solely for the Polish research unit.

Eligible as the consortium coordinator are research units with the first grade according to the parametric ranking system and which are entitled to grant scientific degrees. Additional prerequisite to participate in the competition is involvement of at least 5 independent researchers both on the Polish side and on the foreign side.

Consortium applying for funding is obliged to organize an international open competition addressed to PhD students , that is to be held once or twice, either during the first year and/or during the second year of the project realization. The PhD students are to be recruited either for the first year of PhD studies or for the second one. As a result of the recruitment at least 10 PhD students should participate in the project on the Polish side. The performed research should be coordinated between the consortium partners and it should involve the international exchange of the consortium members, so that each PhD student has the possibility to acquire research experience at a foreign partner institution for a period between 6 and 24 months.


Within the programme the following items could be funded:

  • personal stipends for PhD students amounting to 3000 PLN a month (during foreign visits the stipend will be increased up to 4500 PLN);
  • research grant amounting to a total sum depending on the number of PhD students carrying out projects (however the grant should not exceed 35 000 PLN yearly/per person). From the grant following items may be covered: salaries for independent researchers participating in the PhD projects and expenses resulting from international cooperation, costs of publications in the Open Access system, information and promotion costs other expenses and management costs.


The main evaluation criteria are:

  • scientific or innovative value of the submitted research programme for PhDs and
  • scientific record and experience in implementing projects represented by the independent researchers engaged in the consortium.

If applications are comparable in terms of scientific value, the preference will be given to projects which carry out research in the fields described as: Bio, Info, Techno.


No additional calls planned