Programme in Support of Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation




FNP Announces New Programme for Polish-Ukrainian Scientific Cooperation


The programme is aimed at broadening the cooperation between Polish and Ukrainian scientific communities and implementing joint scientific projects that will deepen the knowledge on issues connected with the development of civil society, democracy, European integration and security. The projects must concern matters important to both countries.


Scientists, with at least a doctoral degree (and all equivalent degrees), who regardless of their nationality on the date of aggression against Ukraine (February 24, 2022) were working at institutions conducting scientific research in Ukraine and scientists employed at institutions conducting scientific research in Poland.


The programme is implemented through two competitions, in which a total of up to 6 projects are expected to be awarded, realised jointly by both scientists from Poland and Ukraine.

The budget of one project for a 12-month period is PLN 268 800. It includes funds to cover salary as well as research-related costs.

The Foundation for Polish Science encourages the hosting institution to co-finance the project (e.g. in terms of applicants’ salaries, indirect costs, scholarships for students, engagement of other scientists, etc.).


The competition is conducted through a call for proposals.

The application should indicate two scientists, one from Ukraine and one employed in Poland. It should be submitted on behalf of both researchers by the person working in Poland, jointly with the institution conducting scientific research in Poland at which the project will be implemented (hosting institution).

The application should include:

  • the applicants’, their home institutions’ and the hosting institution’s data
  • both applicants’ CVs (up to two A4 pages each)
  • a list of up to three major publications of each applicant, with electronic versions of their full or partial contents in the original languages
  • a description of the planned scientific research, indicating its relevance to the FNP programme’s theme and the objective(s) to be achieved through the project (up to four A4 pages)
  • information on the division of tasks to be implemented by the applicants with the specification of planned project results (e.g. publication, screenplay, exhibition, lecture, workshop, training, website, application, etc.; up to two A4 pages)
  • information on the planned dissemination activities of the project results (up to one A4 page)
  • information on the hosting institution’s contribution to the project funding (if applicable).
  • Three statements signed by the scientist from Ukraine, the scientist from Poland and the hosting institution representative

Applications should be submitted in English in electronic form via the online database. For more information about the application submission, see the Instruction (in Files to download). The laureates of the programme will be selected by an international panel of experts appointed by the FNP.


The call for proposals is launched within two competitions with the following deadlines:
• by April 29, 2022, until 4:00 p.m. CET (1st competition) or
• by September 30, 2022, until 4:00 p.m. CET (2nd competition).


Files to download