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The programme?s aim is to enable its participants (young scientists working in Poland) to make contacts and gain mentors among experienced scholars ? in Poland and abroad ? with recognised academic achievements to their name. The programme supports one-to-one mentoring.


A mentee can be a person with a doctorate who either is employed at a Polish research performing organisation or was awarded the degree within last 12 months. A mentor can be nominated by the mentee and should be recognised in the international academic community.


Scientists selected for the programme are offered funding for 4 short meetings of the mentor and mentee. The Foundation will buy or reimburse the ticket for the travel and within the limit will return costs of accommodation, meals and local transport incurred. The mentoring has an open format. It is crucial for forging an effective mentoring relationship to determine the roles to be assumed by the partners and what their expectations are. In the mentoring programme offered by the Foundation, specification of a mentoring format satisfying both parties of the relationship is entirely up to the mentor and mentee. The basis of a mentoring relationship is a cooperation plan developed jointly by the mentor and mentee. The plan must encompass a period no shorter than 6 months and no longer than 12 months.


The selection procedure for the programme takes place 4 times per year.


No additional calls planned.


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