Projects carried out by students, PhD students and postdocs in the best research teams in Poland


Applications were accepted in years: 2008-2012.


The overall objective of the programme is to increase engagement of young scientists in research performed by the best teams and in the best laboratories in Poland. The projects may be carried out in one of the three main thematic areas: Bio, Info, Techno.


The programme is addressed to research teams? leaders intending to engage students, PhD students or young PhDs (up to 4 years after the PhD) in the project. The students, PhD students and young PhDs must be selected in an open competition procedure that iscarried out on international level. The number of research team members selected trough such a competition should not be lower than 6.


The main evaluation criteria are the following:

  • team leader?s scientific record as well as experience in implementing projects (achieved within the last 4 years),
  • scientific or innovative quality of the projects, which will be realized by the selected team members.

The very important element to evaluate the projects is the planned international cooperation of the team (here the minimum guarantee of the intended future collaboration will be the letter of intent signed by the foreign partner, enclosed to the application form).


No additional calls planned


Additional info

In the present call the following items will be financed:

  • personal stipends for the research team members: students – amounting to 1000 PLN/month; PhD students – amounting to 3000 PLN/month; young PhDs – amounting to 5000 PLN/month,
  • scientific grant which total amount depends on the number of engaged PhD students and young PhDs and from the actual costs of the realized project, however the sum should not exceed 35 000 PLN per a PhD student/yearly and 80 000 PLN per a postdoc/yearly.

From the grant the following items may be covered: team leader?s and other team members? salaries, expenditures concerning international cooperation, costs of publications in the Open Access system, information and promotion costs, other expenses and management costs.

The duration of the projects may range from 2 to 4 years (although no longer than 30th June 2015).

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