Foundation for Polish Science hereby invites individuals interested in participation in the Teaming of Excellence programme under Horizon 2020 to submit a Plan of the development of a new* research organisation in Poland.


* Participation in the Teaming of Excellence programme is also permitted for projects concerning upgrading of existing scientific institutions, but such an approach is not solicited by the present announcement and will not obtain assistance from the FNP.


The aim of the call is for the Foundation (in co-operation with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education) to select several most valuable and promising projects and to prepare applications for these projects in the Teaming of Excellence competition under the framework programme Horizon 2020 by the 17.09.2014.


In response to the present invitation, a Plan of the development of a new research organisation may be submitted to the Foundation by individual scientists, potentially by groups of scientists, who are planning to set up a new scientific institution or who are acting on behalf of an institution intending to set up a new scientific institution in order to realise a TEAMING project.


The conditions for the Teaming of Excellence programme are presented in the document of the European Commission: HORIZON 2020, WORK PROGRAMME 2014 ? 2015, Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation.

Funding obtained under the Horizon 2020 programme depends on the decision of the European Commission and is divided into two stages:

  • Stage I – up to 0.5 million euros for a period of 12 months for the creation of a Business Plan of the new Centre of Excellence;
  • Stage II – up to 20 million euros for a period of up to 7 years for activities under TEAMING programme.


Pursuant to the conditions of the Teaming of Excellence programme, it is required to combine funding obtained under Horizon 2020 with other sources of funding, in particular structural funds that are available to the given Member State or region.


The Foundation has received a declaration of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MSHE) regarding the co-operation in conducting negotiations with regional authorities in order to obtain guarantees of additional funding for entities applying in the call and the search for other available budgetary means required as national contribution to the realisation of selected projects under Teaming of Excellence.


Funding obtained from other sources (European, national or regional) on the project realisation stage will be granted pursuant to separate terms and conditions.


The completion of the first stage of evaluation of applications submitted to the European Commission is planned for the 2nd quarter of 2015.




The development plan of a new research organisation submitted to the FNP should present a clear vision of its establishment and contain information (in English) concerning:

1. The scientist (or scientists) who plan to establish a new scientific institution;

2. Partnering/teaming institution abroad ? an internationally-leading research institution that will co-create the new research organisation in Poland;

3. Legal profile of the new entity;

4. Organisational culture of the new research organisation, including the way of identifying and mandate of the International Scientific Committee;

5. A clear analysis of how this new research organisation would fit with the relevant Smart Specialisation Strategy on national or regional level and provisional sources to obtain funds for conducting its activity during the period of funding under Horizon 2020 and beyond.

The Development Plan of a new research organisation submitted to the Foundation should consist of approx. 4 pages along with enclosed resumes of submitting scientist(s).


Recommended attachments include: 

1. Letter of support from the partnering/ teaming institution,

2. Letter of support from regional authorities,

3. Letter of support from a relevant local research institution.


Ultimately, the new organisation should have a legal personality and autonomy with regard to the appointment and selection of an International Scientific Committee, composed of internationally recognised persons in the scope of interest of the organisation, e.g. representatives of the partnering institution, Polish founders or other Polish and international organisations.

New research organisation whom the development plans concern have to focus on:

? strategic co-operation with an internationally-leading institution (Teaming);

? conducting scientific research on the highest international level with the possibility to apply such research in the economy;

? support for a developing sector of the economy on regional or national level;

? implementation of international standards of research work, selection and evaluation of employees.


The International Scientific Committee should have, first of all, the following competences:

? announcing competitions for leaders of scientific teams and the selection thereof;

? conducting a periodical evaluation of scientific team leaders and deciding about the prolongation of their contracts;

? announcing competitions for the director of the centre and the selection thereof;

? establishing a research and development programme.


Partnering organisation abroad (internationally-leading institution):

? has to be a leader on the global scale, outstanding scientific centre (for example an excellent public or private research intensive university or research organisation of international repute);

? has to be seated in a EU Member State (other than Poland) or in an Associated Country ? as defined in Horizon 2020;


Teaming partner abroad may as well be a consortium of such scientific institutions.


Applications submitted after this date may be considered by the Foundation, provided that they meet all the requirements for the development plan of a new organisation as foreseen in the present Call and provided that they submission leaves sufficient time for the preparation of an application by the date announced by the European Commission in the Teaming of Excellence call.


However, the Foundation does not guarantee that responses to the present call submitted after the specified date will enable it to provide assistance in preparation of the application for the submitted plan.


The Foundation, in co-operation with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, will select the best among the submitted plans. The selected plans will be developed into full applications. With regard to the above, the Foundation will co-operate with a professional entity specialising in the preparation of documentation for calls announced by the European Commission.


Complete applications will be recommended by the Foundation for Polish Science to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education to be submitted under the Teaming of Excellence call (within a period enabling to submit a complete application to the European Commission ? 17.09.2014).


The Foundation will contact selected applicants in order to obtain additional or supplementary information required on further stages of preparation of applications under the TEAMING programme.





Plans of development of new research organisations should be submitted to the Foundation by the 19th of May, 2014, to the following e-mail address:


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