Supporting innovative projects conducted by young researchers


The overall objective of the programme is to increase the number of innovative projects realized by young researchers and to encourage students, graduates and PhD students to take up research projects which might result in practical application.


Eligible for the competition are the Polish research entities, where Master or PhD students realize their projects or those, who employ Master graduates as research personnel. The application forms are submitted by the institutions together with a student/graduate or PhD student, being the project leader.

Eligible for the competition are


In the present call the following items will be financed:

  • personal stipend for the laureate: students – amounting to 1500 PLN/month; graduates – amounting to 1500 PLN/month; PhD students- amounting to 3000 PLN/month.
  • scientific grant which total amount will depend on the actual costs of the realized project (however the sum should not exceed 35 000 PLN a year). From the received grant the following expenses may be covered:c osts of publications in the Open Access system, information and promotion costs, other expenses and management costs.

The duration of the projects may range from 1 to 3 years.


The main evaluation criteria are the following:

  • scientific and innovative value of the submitted project,
  • principal investigator?s and the tutors? scientific record as well as experience in implementing projects,
  • commercial potential of a project.


15.04.2013 - last competition