Projects carried out by outstanding scientists from abroad establishing research teams in Polish scientific institutions


Applications were accepted in years 2008-2010. No additional calls planned.


The overall objective of the programme is to engage outstanding researches from abroad in creating research teams in Poland and intensifying international cooperation of the Polish institutes and universities.


The programme is addressed to foreign researchers with at least PhD degree who either plan to work in Poland, or have already established their research teams in our country, however not earlier than 5 years prior to the cut-off date; Polish researchers with at least PhD degree, who either have stayed abroad for at least 2 years and intend to come back to Poland or have already returned to Poland (however not earlier than 2 years prior to the cut-off date).

Eligible for the competition are Polish universities and institutes where foreign scientists will carry out their research. In accordance with the programme guidelines, the foreign researcher is both the project leader – and the team leader, whereas the subsequent tasks are performed by other members of the team, namely young researchers: master students, PhD students, young PhDs – selected on a competition basis and other workers. The number of the young researchers in the team cannot be lower than 6. The projects should be carried out in one of the three main thematic areas: Bio, Info, Techno.


In the current call the following items will be financed:

  • personal stipend for the researcher from abroad who leads the project (ranging from 200 000 to 350 000 PLN/year),
  • personal stipends for the team members paid on a monthly basis: stipend for students – amounting to 1000 PLN, for PhD students – amounting to 3000 PLN and for young PhD researchers – amounting to 5000 PLN,
  • scientific grant up to 1 mln PLN, depending on the individual project financial plan, from which following items may be financed: renumeration of the team members from the host- and other institutions; expenditures concerning international cooperation; costs of publications in the Open Access system; information and promotion costs; national insurance costs (in case if it is paid by the PhD students); other expenses and management costs.

The realization of the projects has to be planned for at least 3 years and they have to be completed by the 30 June 2015.


The main evaluation criteria are the following:

    • scientific value of the project,
  • team leader?s scientific record as well as experience in implementing projects,
  • scientific quality of the 5 most important publications or patents (achieved within the last 4 years)

If applications are comparable in terms of scientific value, the preference will be given to these projects which include knowledge transfer to Poland from the world-known institutions.


No additional calls planned


Additional info

The foreign researcher is affiliated with the host institution during the project realization. The host institution is obliged to provide the team leader with a salary. Apart from the remuneration package, the researcher is also entitled to receive a personal stipend, which is aimed to remove all the potential disproportions that may arise because of the difference in the remuneration level in the foreign institution and in the host institution in Poland. The scientist, apart from carrying out research activities is also expected to devote some of his/her time to teaching which cannot exceed 60 hours a year.

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