Prof. Aleksandra Łuszczyńska

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Born in 1971 in Gdańsk, Aleksandra Łuszczyńska is a clinical and health psychologist. She studies socio-cognitive mechanisms responsible for changes in health behaviours, quality of life and health among people with chronic illness and adaptations following traumatic life events.

She completed a master’s degree in psychology at the University of Warsaw (1996), where she also earned her doctorate (2000) and postdoctoral degree (2004). She was named a professor in 2009. She has worked as an assistant at the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Warsaw, a professor at the Free University of Berlin (2003–2004) and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (2007–2008), and a lecturer at the University of Sussex (2004–2007). Since 2008 she has been a research professor at the Trauma, Health & Hazards Center at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Since 2005 she has been affiliated with SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Wrocław Campus, where she works as a professor and director of the Centre for Applied Research on Behaviour and Health (CARE-BEH).

She served as secretary (2002–2006) and president (2010–2014) of the Division of Health Psychology of the International Association of Applied Psychology. She has also served on the councils of such scientific societies as the Stress and Anxiety Research Society (extended board member) and the European Health Psychological Society (chair of the Fellowship Committee). She has been invited to give keynote lectures before international scientific societies such as the European Health Psychology Society (2016), the Australasian Society of Behavioural Health and Medicine (2014) and the International Association of Applied Psychology (2010, 2014).

She is the editor in chief of two international scientific journals: Anxiety, Stress, & Coping and Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being, and a member of the editorial board of Psychology and Health, British Journal of Health Psychology, Health Psychology Review, Journal of Health Psychology, European Journal of Psychotraumatology, Behavioral Medicine, Applied Psychology: International Review, and Frontiers in Psychology. She serves on expert panels at the European Commission (7th Framework Programme, Horizon 2020) and the European Research Council, and chairs expert panels at Poland’s National Science Centre.

Her research has been funded by the European Commission (7th Framework Programme), the Joint Programming Initiative of the European Union, the Humboldt Foundation, the National Science Centre, and the Foundation for Polish Science (including the MISTRZ/MASTER programme).

Her research has been recognized by such international honours as an early career award from the International Society of Behavioral Medicine (2004) and the Stress and Anxiety Research Society (2004) and an honorary fellowship from the European Health Psychology Society (2010) and the International Association of Applied Psychology (2014).