Update of the Cost Eligibility Guide in IRA Programme from 25.06.2018 r.

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On June 25th, the Foundation for Polish Science has published updated version of the Cost Eligibility Guide in IRA Programme. We invite you to get familiar with the english version of the Guide, which you may find below. Please also see information about the list of introduced changes.

/Cost Eligibility Guide in IRA Programme/

The most important changes introduced in the Guide:

  • adaptation to the current status of legal acts of the Grantee definition and the legal basis of the Guide;
  • clarification of entering into force changes introduced in the Guide, in particular regarding the changes related to the increase of the flat rate and the limits for other  cost categories in the project;
  • adaptation of the eligibility rules to the currently applicable horizontal guidelines regarding the discontinuation of the Eligibility Guidelines for expenditures under the Smart Growth Operational Programme;
  • modification of the VAT eligibility rules,
  • modification of the rules for the tenders in “competitiveness principle”, in particular concerning  tenders publishing, which will have to be made  with special website provided by the Ministry of Development (https://bazakonkurencyjnosci.gov.pl/). We kindly ask you to familiarize your team with the new rules and register project profile on this site from June 25th,
  • modification of the rules for the eligibility of remuneration, in particular in the field of civil-low contracts. In addition, the opportunity to involve the directors of the organization of scientific activities and volunteers has been added to the project;
  • the limit of costs per subcontract category (E) has been changed from 50% to 20%;
  • the cost limit for the purchase of low-cost research equipment has been changed from 5% to 10%;
  • clarification of the eligibility rules in the other direct costs category  (Op);
  • the cost limit for the flat rate (indirect costs) – (O) has been changed from 17% to 25%;