Polish Studies at the University of Cambridge with the FNP’s Support

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A new programme of studies encompassing Polish language, history and culture will be launched in autumn 2014 at the University of Cambridge – the UK’s second-oldest university after Oxford. The programme – made available to students at the world-famous Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages – will commence thanks to an agreement signed by four private sponsors, including the Foundation for Polish Science which will support the project with the amount of GBP 110,000 over the next four years.

The programme will enable students of the Faculty of Modern and Mediaeval Languages to study Polish language, literature, arts and culture in a broad sense, including social, cultural and political issues.

In the Foundation’s plans, the transfer of these funds will be the first step towards setting up an inter-university network of Polish Studies in the UK in future.

This is already the Foundation’s second initiative aimed at establishing Polish Studies departments at prestigious academic centres abroad. As of 2005, the FNP has also been providing support to the formation of a Polish Chair at Columbia University in New York.

Information from the Univeristy of Cambridge

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