Results of the first competitions in the HOMING and POWROTY/REINTEGRATION programmes

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The Foundation for Polish Science (FNP) has announced the results of the first competitions organized in the HOMING and POWROTY/REINTEGRATION programmes. Eighteen young scholars will receive financing to the total amount of PLN 13 million for implementation of innovative R&D projects in Poland. The funds come from the Smart Growth Operational Programme.

The HOMING Programme is addressed to scholars from abroad who wish to start a research project in Poland. It will help thirteen young doctors develop their careers. Together, the laureates will receive more than PLN 9.5 million for implementation of postdoctoral internship projects. The first competition under the POWROTY/REINTEGRATION programme will enable five female researchers to return to scientific work after a period of time devoted to maternity leave. In total, they will receive more then PLN 3.6 million for their research.

List of beneficiaries of the first HOMING competition

List of beneficiaries of the first POWROTY/REINTEGRATION competition

A total of 57 projects were submitted in the first HOMING competition and 18 in the POWROTY/REINTEGRATION programme. The winning projects will be carried out at research centers in Warsaw, Krakow, Torun, Wroclaw and Poznan in collaboration with 24 foreign academic institutions. The funds obtained from FNP will support at least 25 jobs for scholars engaged in the projects and 35 scholarships for young scholars (graduate and doctoral students) involved in the research. The financing is granted for two years. Laureates were selected in a three-stage evaluation process carried out by foreign reviewers and experts of the scientific-economic and interdisciplinary panel.

The second competition under both programmes will start on 12 August this year. Subsequent competitions will be organized until the end of 2019, on average twice a year.

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