Results of competition in Core Facility programmes

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The Foundation for Polish Science has decided the competitions in the programmes TEAM-TECH Core Facility (no. 4/2017) and TEAM-TECH Core Facility PLUS (no. 2/2017). Three projects will receive combined funding of almost PLN 8.5 million.

The aim of the Core Facility programmes is to stimulate the use of available research apparatus in Poland and to support scientific institutions in particular in providing access to their apparatus and research services to customers from the R&D sector.

The winning projects were selected in a three-stage merits evaluation from among nine projects submitted for the competition in the two programmes. Two of the projects that have won support will be carried out in Warsaw, and one in Kraków. The funding will finance a total of ten jobs for scientists employed on the projects and four stipends for junior researchers (undergraduates and PhD students) involved in implementing the research work.

In the TEAM-TECH Core Facility programmes, grants of almost PLN 3.5 million each were awarded to:

  • Prof. Andrzej Dziembowski from the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, who received funding for establishment of a mouse genome engineering lab. The lab will produce model animals for biomedical and preclinical research.
  • Dr Sebastian Glatt, who will establish the Laboratory of Structural Biology at the Małopolska Centre of Biotechnology in Kraków. The centre will develop advanced measuring technologies involving structural biology, which may help identify diagnostic markers and develop new pharmaceuticals.

In the TEAM-TECH Core Facility PLUS programme, a grant of almost PLN 1.5 million was won by Dr Katarzyna Piwocka from the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. She will be involved in creation of a cytometric platform for designation of specific sets of protein markers assisting in the development of personalized therapies.

Congratulations to the laureates!

The TEAM-TECH Core Facility and TEAM-TECH Core Facility PLUS programmes are implemented by the Foundation for Polish Science with funds from the Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014–2020.

Pictured: Dr Sebastian Glatt, Jagiellonian University, Małopolska Centre of Biotechnology, laureate of the TEAM-TECH Core Facility and FIRST TEAM programmes. Photo: OneHD.