Results of the HOMING PLUS programme’s 7th edition

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The Foundation has chosen the beneficiaries in the 7th edition of the HOMING PLUS programme encouraging young scientists conducting research abroad to continue their careers in Poland.

The call for applications yielded 51 candidates. Taking into account the recommendations of the review panel, the Foundation Board selected 15 beneficiaries, who will receive support in a total amount almost 4.1 million zlotys.

Each beneficiary will receive a research grant for the implementation of their research project (up to 80,000 zlotys per year) and a personal stipend (5,000 zlotys per month).

Projects carried out in the programme may last from one to two years.

The call for applications for the 8th and final edition of the HOMING PLUS programme begins on 14 August 2013 and ends on 15 October 2013. The 8th edition is exclusively for researchers representing the Bio, Info, Techno categories.

We encourage all young scientists interested in conducting research in Poland to submit applications, and congratulate the beneficiaries of the programme’s 7th edition.


List of beneficiaries of 7th edition of the HOMING PLUS programme.


* The HOMING PLUS programme within the Bio, Info, Techno categories is co-financed with European Union funding from the European Regional Development Fund. Projects from scientific fields other than Bio, Techno, Info are financed from the Foundation’s own funds.