Call for applications begins in the START programme

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We invite young researchers to file applications in the START programme (2017 competition).

A START stipend is an honour for the most talented young researchers in recognition of their achievements to date. In the competition for stipends, the primary criteria are the quality and originality of the candidates’ scientific accomplishments so far, as well as the most important of their specific research achievements. The stipend may be used for any purpose.

Distinctions are also awarded in the START programme to outstanding candidates whose research achievements are ranked the highest by reviewers in the competition in three fields of inquiry: the humanities and social sciences; the natural and medical sciences; and the exact and technical sciences. The stipends for laureates winning these distinctions are increased.

In addition, applications filed in the START programme of an interdisciplinary nature will be considered in the competition for the Prof. Barbara Skarga Honorary Stipend. The stipend awarded to the winner of this competition will also be increased.

We encourage young researchers interested in participating in the competition to review the START Programme Rules and the Application Instructions available at the START programme webpage. There you will find detailed information about the criteria and the method for evaluation of applications, as well as a description of the specific stages of the competition.

We also invite all candidates to apply for an outgoing stipend for a study visit to a foreign research centre of the candidate’s choosing. Funding for outgoing stipends is awarded to START programme winners on the basis of the criteria described in the Application Instructions.

Applications in the START 2017 competition may be filed from 23 September to 31 October 2016.

Note! Under the new rules applicable to candidates filing applications in the next competition, a START stipend can be received only once.

Good luck to all the candidates!